Here at SkyAdvertisings we know that cost of marketing services can sometimes be cost prohibitive, so if the prices below don’t meet your current budget allocations then we would be happy to consult with you about options that could meet your marketing budget during a scheduled one-on-one call!

Although; If you would like to get a jump on getting your business name out in the world then feel free to select the service(s) you require and SkyAdvertisings will get to work as soon as payment is received!

Platinum Plan (All-In-One)
  • Includes:
  • All of the services we offer in an all-in-one fashion for one month.
  • 1. Online Marketing plan.
  • 2. Social Media Management plan.
  • 3. Email Marketing Plan.
  • Recommended for any size business and will yield the best results regarding reach and follow-through with your company!
Online Marketing Plan
  • Includes:
  • One month of online advertising utilizing Facebook advertisements.
  • A must for any business, whether you’re a small business or a large corporation. Advertising online is one of the best things you can do for your business in today’s fast-paced online world.
Email Marketing Plan
  • Includes:
  • One month of email marketing services to keep current & potential customers up-to-date on your business.
  • Significant in keeping your business at the top-of-mind of new and existing customers with proficient email marketing strategies.
Social Media Management Plan
  • Includes:
  • One month of social media managing & posting on at least two or more different social media platforms.
  • Great for creating & building relationships with your active social media customers.

All plans charge for one month at a time, no long term commitments

Save money by purchasing multiple months:

Purchasing 3 months = 5% off total price

Purchasing 6 months = 10% off total price

Purchasing 12 months = 15% off total price

Purchasing multiple months in advance is accessible by increasing quantity at the time of purchase

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